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Hi, thanks for dropping in.  My name is Aubrey Coleman and I am DJ Rockin' A.  I specialize in FUN.  I offer great sounding music and spectacular dance lighting for your event.  Private parties, Receptions, Banquets and Weddings, big or small, we can deliver the New York night club atmosphere to your special event. 

 I have been involved in music my whole life and love music of all kinds.  We have an extensive music library to offer you but I know everyone's taste in music differs.  So I will work with you to be sure the music you want will be played and that everyone has the time of their life...... 

Aubrey Coleman is a professional DJ-Entertainer and is DJ Rockin’ A.  Aubrey is very entertaining and will definitely keep the party going. He personally interacts with his audience and knows how to read the crowd.  He has been involved in music for over 40 years.  Aubrey plays anything from disco to hip-hop.  He is also familiar with many of the line dances of old and new and will go out to the dance floor and join the crowd.  Simply, he is energetic and professional. He know how to motivate the crowd, he keeps em' on the dance floor with a superb sound system and state of the art light system!  He knows when and how to change the flow of the music , to insure a great time is had by all!  He will be a great MC for your wedding or business events. You will always have fun with DJ Rockin’ A.


Your event is a very special occasion for you and you need an experienced DJ that plays the music that you want to hear and dance to. "A's" music is primarily Top 40 and Classic Hits from the recent as well as the distant past.

Playlists include tunes from Billboard's and iTune’s Top 100, R&B, Rock, Pop, Club/Dance, Country and Classics. He is constantly updating his music library; as new songs are released, they are added to his music library.  His entire library is always available for play.


"A" also plays and emcees at Festivals, Celebrations, and other events including weddings, parties, special & corporate events, clubs, bars, and restaurants.



Aubrey Coleman, DJ Services is a must book for your DJ needs.


WEDDINGS and Other Events:


"A" has Easy Listening background music for the dinner hour. He will also work with you on any special music you want played during your wedding ceremony, reception, and special moments during the celebration.


PRICING: Contact us for our pricing.

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